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We’re excited to announce that Road to Exile: Nov Oriath is going to be launching on PC at 1pm on Friday, August fourth (PDT) plus the Harbinger Challenge League. Nov Oriath is anticpated to be our largest content expansion ever. Additionally to 6 new functions of content, it offers new skill and support gems, unique products, enhancements to game performance plus much more! Browse the latest trailer for any sneak look from the chaos.

We have not announced the discharge date for that Xbox One version at this time, but it is approaching also! I will be launching a shut Beta on Xbox One soon. Keep close track of this news to learn more. Meanwhile, we encourage you to definitely test Nov Oriath in the PC Beta! We are selecting players in to the Beta at random in waves. There is also access immediately by buying an advocate Pack here. We would have liked to take the time by way of thanking our community for his or her ongoing support through the years. Without your support, presence and feedback, the sport as you may know it wouldn’t happen to be possible. We’re very happy with the job we have done on Nov Oriath so we can’t wait to talk about it along with you throughout its glory.

Announcement trailer for that expansion:


3.0 Harbinger League Announced!


John E: Har-BINGE-er, not har-bring-er

Zaronion: But they can't end Legacy I haven't even gotten my sixth headhunter yet

Vladimir Furmanchuk: Ultimate trolling from GGG – you can not make a fine mirror from mirror shards, only a broken mirror that makes a derp item copy

Wiking: 4:57 Is this a JoJo reference?\nFucking Stands up in this bitch! heh

BrownTown86: I will never again get excited for a new league currency after the reliquary.

Jord Leemburg: Dank coiffure concomitant

daniel jensen: What are the challenges? i am new to poe

buurz: I was thinking about taking my vacation to get my drivers license.\n\nBut then again, Poe launches the 4th and Norsca faction is released to Warhammer the 10th… Hmmm..

Azoron _: mh, honestly I am more hyped about the new uniques of the league and stuff, the concept is not different enough to impress me just seems like a shitier breach kind of, but without the "beeing stationary" that you mentioned. But then again GGG probably intentionaly didnt make anything gamebreakingly insane like mayhem, to see how people progress through the acts and stuff, surely that is the main focus.

RaVeN1K: Oh wow new shit that drops in fragments, thats the shit i wanted more of in the game, stuff that drops in parts so you never actually get something dropped… </sarcasm>