Shadow may be the last hybrid character in Road to Exile. He oscillates between skill and intelligence, which means he’s high precision and skill to dodge attacks, also higher level of mana and shield. Because of these abilities and right development, he’ll eventually be an assassin that utilizes two daggers and cast spells incredibly rapidly.

How you can play

The game play relies mainly on fighting with two daggers at the same time. Should you unlock passives which are also associated with magic and, in addition important, lightnings, he’ll have the ability to use many helpful spells. Fighting with Shadow is dependant on approaching opponents many occasions because you can’t go fully offensive – you do not have enough health insurance and armor. The skill gems within this build are wonderful against big categories of opponents.

Passive skills

Even though this build focuses totally on skill, intelligence is essential too. Passives you unlock mostly are associated with damage worked with one-handed weapons, particularly with a couple of them. You’ll should also improve critical hits and damage from elements. Clearly you have to concentrate on lightning because skill gems within this build are based on it. Furthermore, you will need to take the points on spell casting rate to create your character shoot his spells just like a machine gun.

Active skills

A Shadow built accordingly for this guide should acquire skill gems that are based on skill and intelligence, additionally they should not collide using the character’s weapon. Which means that their description must specify that they’ll use two daggers. The chart below shows several gems ideal for this character. Make collecting them your greatest priority.

Arc - Shadow - Example builds - Path of Exile - Game Guide and Walkthrough


The type releases an electrical arc that does harm to a particular enemy, then moves with other targets.

Ethereal Knives - Shadow - Example builds - Path of Exile - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Ethereal Knives

The type throws knives that harm the opponents.

Whirling Blades - Shadow - Example builds - Path of Exile - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Whirling Blades

The type results in a whirl that harms opponents.

Wrath - Shadow - Example builds - Path of Exile - Game Guide and Walkthrough


The type activates a feeling that does thunder harm to his and the allies’ attacks.

Arc is a superb offensive attack that deals harm to a sizable number of opponents. Lightning reaches a particular enemy, progresses to a different one and so forth. By spending points on lightning, you may make this skill incredibly lethal and spectacular.

Ethereal Knives is definitely an attack which makes your character throw many sharp knives that deal harm to the closest opponents. It is good for eliminating hordes of less strong opponents or during infantry to achieve archers and mages.

Whirling Blades skill is principally an effective method of getting away. It can make your character step forward and transform right into a lethal, green whirl. All opponents in the way can get damage from presently wielded weapon. You cannot harmed in this move.

The final skill, in other words a feeling is known as Wrath, it adds lightning harm to all attacks done by your character. It may be coupled with Arc and fundamental attacks. It is so helpful it’s and in Templar’s build.


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