Settlers of skyrim: a present of affection for any catan & elder scrolls fan

I it was eco-friendly with envy seeing Imgur user menazavutcheburashka‘s post about getting a unique hand crafted gift on her 21st birthday: a personalized Settlers of Catan game occur the Elder Scrolls world. The person receiving this gift, recognized to her family members as Daniela, described herself like a huge fan of both Settlers of Catan and Skyrim, that was why the sport am significant.  At the same time frame, it can make us incredibly envious, given how incredible and thoughtful every component of farmville is.

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Daniela gave Geek & Sundry additional insight concerning the gift and why it had been of particular intending to her. Despite getting an long lasting passion for Settlers of Catan (and it is Metropolitan areas and Knights expansion), but she told us she never owned a duplicate of Catan of her very own, as she only performed it together with her sister and located it impractical to allow them to both own exactly the same copy from the game. Lucky on her, this isn’t any mere off-the-shelf copy. Heck, they can thought to produce a 5-6 player expansion inside a hand crafted bag.

Nearly every piece within this game is created custom and demonstrates an amazing focus on detail. Olga Velenta and Lars Eriksen, the creators of the gift, went to date regarding laser cut all of the wood bits of the board, apply stunning Skyrim-inspired designs for every tile, create custom cards and trackers, as well as produced special rules that they put in a hand crafted rulebook.

As Daniela describes the initial book, “The rule book includes a small birthday note for me personally, contributing to 10 pages explaining the variations between your original game as well as their version (explanation of methods the supporters work, layout from the character cards, Shouts, etc.).” She pointed out they didn’t range from the full rules from the game as she and Olga play so frequently they both be aware of rules perfectly. Furthermore, numerous changes were created towards the base game, as Daniel chronicled in her own Imgur publish.  For example, Knights were altered into Shouts along with a hands-created Dragon Track can be used.

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Furthermore, they added character cards, which will help players identify their player color and track their cards and victory points. Such as the character creation a part of Bethesda RPGs, additionally they provide you with the selection of playing a man or woman because these cards are double sided.


Another custom rule to higher encapsulate Skyrim’s game play in to the game was altering walls into supporters. As Daniela place it, “City walls simply allow you to carry more sources, and supporters are sworn to hold your burdens right?” Additionally, it gave an chance for Olga and Lars to incorporate yet another component of personalization: adding Bingo, a household pet, in to the game like a follower.

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Daniela also pointed out that they wishes to participate in with Lars and Olga and make up a set to transmit to Bethesda, publishers from the Elder Scrolls games. Basically we fight to pick between your Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchise, we’d certainly choose a copy of the game more than a box filled with bottlecaps to get as a present. Browse the gallery below to determine every detail put in that one-of-a-kind gift, and share our envy.

What videogame/tabletop game mashup would you want to see become reality? Tell us within the comments! 

Image Credits: Daniela Velenta (with permission)


Settlers Of Catan – #1 – Luke Conard


QuickStrike0065: Assumes that the other players are males when they could be females instead. He/she instead of "he".

J Kellan: LMAO "Watch in 720p for the best quality!" You're hilarious.

TheJonbonesjones: that spot that the first guy took wasn't really a fantastic spot i would have rather taken the 5 8 10 or the 6 9 10 because it provides me with more variety of resources instead of just two sheep and a ore

Ats Johannes Kaup: That guy who was so good was last with 3 vp

Tara McGee: Haha I'm a 15 year old girl and I've only lost 2 times out of the 20 or more times I've played :D

John Wilson: are people still playing this online with xbox?   I dont want to buy it if oneone is playing it online anymore.

Ats Johannes Kaup: That guy who was so good was last with 3 vp

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