Skyrim skill tree

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Various Examples


Skyrim Complete Skill Guide


Tad Poulin: My shadowmere fell off a cliff

Rhys Williams: I know im two years late but if it helps it helps. if you go back to the pit where you first get him he will respawn, or if you travel normally he will be nearby, use the shout that lets you see things through walls (I forgot what it's called)

Mike Perillo: with the illusion if u r just starting off wait an hour every time u do it cuz the muffle spell will use most ur mana

Cody Norrad: +Mike Perillo The best way to level Illusion is to get the courage and fear spells and find a cow. Then proceed to cast them on it until your Illusion is level 80 or 90. Then go buy the massive AOE peace spell (I can't remember what it's called) and cast it over and over in whiterun. You'll get levels incredibly fast

Mike Perillo: And go to the gray beard when they pray sneak and go behind them and attack in sneak mode it sneak will level up fast

3LeD Bros: Thank You So Much it's gonna help me alot you have earned a sub! ☺

Charles Yih: Wow looking back at this the levelling system is so much much better than Fallout 4. With the next ES isn't as dumbed down.

darkstar 1651: All the old Tes and Fallout games before Fo4 had better leveling systems.

Fabian Bolivar: Lol because they Will kick your ass

Nate Park: Yea this is a bit outdated. They patched ungrien's interaction and daggers don't give u nearly enough smithing anymore. Jewelry is much better but u can't just buy gold and silver willy nilly.