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The elder scrolls: legends heroes of skyrim around the application store Heirloom Greatsword

What’s New in Version 1.1.4

The elder scrolls: legends heroes of skyrim around the application store different cards whenever

Game Update 1.14: Patch Notes

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Card Changes
*Alduin – Card art improved and VFX attached.
*Bandit Ringleader – Text altered to “Summon: Other friendly creatures within this lane gain “Pilfer: Draw a card” this turn.
*Barbas – Creature type altered from Animal to Daedra.
*Breton Conjurer – Text altered to “When Breton Conjurer’s Ward is damaged, summon a 5/5 Frost Atronach with Guard.”
*Daggerfall Mage – Text altered to “When Daggerfall Mage’s Ward is damaged, place a Tome of Alteration to your hands.”
*Ghost Ocean Lookout – Creature type altered from Nord to Breton.
*Icewing Dragon – Now uses ice-flavored shackle effects.
*Iliac Magician – Text altered to “When Iliac Sorcerer’s Ward is damaged, double his power.”
*Legate Rikke – Creature type altered from Imperial to Nord.
*Niben Bay Cutthroat – Text altered to “+2/+ while there aren’t any enemy creatures within this lane.”
*Shornhelm Champion – Text altered to “When Shornhelm Champion’s Ward is damaged, he gains +3/+3.”
*Wildfire Dragon – Card art improved and VFX increased.

Card Bug Fixes
*Barter – Now interacts correctly with cards that dynamically update according to damaged runes.
*Crusader’s Assault – Should now draw cards out of all proper situations. Allow the assaults continue!
*Dragon Mound – Dragons that go back to hands will keep having their costs reduced.
*Forsaken Champion – Now plays well with Dragon Priest Mask.
*Grandmaster Delphine – Now remains safe from Dragons after altering zones.
*Heirloom Greatsword – Should now obtain a keyword from Arcane Enchanter when coming back to hands after its Last Gasp effect.
*Lockpick – Now whenever your deck is empty, you’ll be able to draw the From Cards “card” – forget about infinite lockpicking!
*Lydia – Playing under specific conditions won’t make the AI to prevent functioning. She’ll now allow the AI finish the sport!
*Relocate Shadows – The sneaky creature should now return in the finish from the turn.
*Night Talon Lord – If this summons an Ulfric’s Zealot after which that Zealot dies, just one Heavy Battleaxe is produced rather of two.
*Riften Pickpocket – Will show three different cards whenever you can.
*Riverhold Escort – No more does not move when the opponent’s lane is full.
*Serpentine Stalker – This misbehaving Dragon will have the ability to attack enemy creatures in the own lane even when there’s an opponent guard within the other lane.
*Shearpoint Dragon – Cost-reduced actions should now work correctly together with this particular Dragon.
*Crook of Dreams – Now won’t select a card in deck that’s and in hands. This will alllow for less confusing dreaming.
*Ulfric Stormcloak – Now won’t draw a Nord out of your deck whenever your opponent utilizes a Shout. Not everybody is on Ulfric’s side.
*Underforge – Cards that change form (for example Young Girl) after being a werewolf will support the Werewolf creature type. This strain of lycanthropy is resistant against change.

General Bug Fixes
*All five Skyrim Theme Decks have new deck tile art, which may be altered by players. Also, these deck art images are actually readily available for use with all of decks from the appropriate classes.
*Many card wardrobe hangers have experienced their text and pictures improved.
*Many Solo Arena decks have experienced Titles put into their opponents.
*The outline for Animal Form continues to be updated to "Changes right into a Werewolf when an opponent rune is destroyed."
*The icon for Animal Form continues to be put into its Reference entry.
*Tooltips for buttons within the Social menu happen to be fixed.


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