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Skyrim Kinect


HyUn SoO LeE: nice body

Jovan Matos: she is a puta (puta means beatuful in spanish)

Darksiosa 1200: Jovan Matos thats means "BITCH"

Aryan Arif: Jovan Matos You did not learn spanish

Golden Crow: Did anyone notice the kajiit in this video?

Alex The Gamer: Boobs

Advent elemental: She is right though… I am always yelling my dragon shouts when I play, and I don't have the Kinect.

James Rostron: Controls are wrong? No, it's just you so called 'pc master race' gamers are so stuck up your arses, that you don't realise some people can't afford good gaming pcs. Also console gamers are more plentiful and a more accepting bunch. We were here long before and will be long after your ass.

James Rostron: The original comment I made was over 2 years ago, so a lot has changed since then. I have had a gaming PC for over a year and I am quite honestly very impressed with it. I now also understand PC gamer's frustration at comments like the one I made. I agree with everything you said Emily, just bear in mind my comment was made over 2 years ago, so my opinion may, and has, changed considerably. I apologise for any offence caused.

Emily Rose: +James Rostron\nWell your too nice. I call you stupid kid and you apologize ;)\n\nGlad to hear, welcome to the master race then!\n\nI am actually a bit surprised how PC always had the best experience for gamers over all those years. I mean sure a high end gamer PC cost more then a console to be honest but there was never really a console invented that had graphics power to compete, due to mass production there certainly could be a opportunity for better consoles for a bit more. A console with a mouse and keyboard controls is also easy possible, I think there is even a keyboard for PS4 but games just don't support it. Also consoles could easy support mods like PC games do … I read some article about one single game where mods may come to console, don't know if this ever became a reality … Anyway as a PC gamer I am just disappointed with very few console exclusive titles I have an interested in playing but they will never come to PC. Also I am hoping to be able to send windows to hell one day. Maybe Vulkan and more native Linux games are coming.