I would like war thunder’s clouds

I’m while developing a flying game. One factor I truly wanted ended up being to have "fly-through-&-get-lost-in" clouds.

In my opinion with FSX (Microsoft Flight Simulator X) and it is add-ons, I have not (except for War Thunder) seen these kinds of clouds. Most clouds for the reason that game seem like paper cut-outs (since they’re).

I’ve been working near to a friggin’ year looking to get good quality clouds to operate in UE4 however i keep encountering problems the greatest being large particles = massive frame-rate drop.

The next most likely seems like some kind of ad, however i swear I’m just some guy looking to get UE4 to cooperate. I am just infatuated using these clouds, it’s near Just how If only I possibly could get my clouds to appear.

A relevant video I made:

They’re MASSIVE, they produce equally massive shadows!(one other issue with UE4 it appears when the cloud is simply too high it won’t shadow the floor), they’re fluffy around the edges, they’re reflected within the water, so when flying through them you’re blinded.

You can observe the clouds for MILES if you notice a cloud and then fly in the direction, you’ll eventually undergo stated cloud.

They’ve articles on these cloud online: https://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/891/

Also it all runs in a smooth 60 fps despite almost every other graphic option switched towards the greatest.

The only real complaint is there are no poofy cumulus clouds I’m thinking their absence should be an essential limitation. They appear to become low-resolution (soft pixelated edges) however i can forgive that.

And That I know War Thunder uses its very own game engine, not UE4, but is anything such as this possible on UE4?

How? How’s it done? How would be the clouds so friggin’ big? Could they be meshes? Particles systems? Some form of code? The content published appears to point neither, plus they never hand out the key.

I’ve researched tuts for volumetric clouds, but they’re all very costly, requiring a large number of particles packed right into a tight space with some kind of world-position alpha mask on the top. To produce a whole sky, there necessary thousands and thousands of particles.

-Particles also appear to be really pricey based on their size. The clouds in War Thunder are massive but they don’t slow-lower my system whatsoever. I am talking about, there is a completely overcast sky in certain levels, layers thick (takes like 5 min to undergo in-game), that appear to be beautiful whenever you break with the top layer and appear lower their way.

-I’ve attempted static meshes, but (despite a fresnel mask) they appear paper-flat when viewed in the side so when flying through them.

– And only system, particles/meshes, requires thousands otherwise tens-of-a large number of pieces to produce a whole sky, after which, frames start shedding.

War Thunder’s clouds. I would like them. I would like them greatly. Hell, if a person might make this type of system and publish within the UE4 store, I’d purchase it immediately.

Resourse: https://forums.unrealengine.com/