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People from the pre-beta test[] can test this destroyer within the future tests, and outcomes of this test will taken into consideration for future years growth and development of our fleet.

Initially set in 1936, the kind 1936 class destroyer offered the Kriegsmarine faithfully in early stages of WW2 with other nations following the war had ended. Now, it is now time with this fight-hardened German veteran to demonstrate its worth once again within the approaching naval testing sessions in War Thunder, Kriegsmarine fans rejoice!

The Kind 1936 class destroyers started being an interwar modification from the destroyer class that preceded it – the kind 1934 and 1934A. While not apparent initially, the brand new modification endured from a number of design flaws that passed undetected throughout the development stage. However, because of extensive changes and enhancements designed to the powerplant and structure, the now new Type 1936 destroyers were attributed with elevated reliability as well as an overall seafaring ability.

The Kind 1936 destroyer shares many design features with already established destroyers hanging around, as she was set around the same time frame as her counterparts. Because of this, familiarity collected from playing existing destroyers may be easily transferred and put on the German newcomer, saving players the energy to obtain a proper sense of the brand new ship. The Kind 1936 has set course for that the naval testing in War Thunder and it is likely to show up on the battlefield shortly. Stay tuned in towards the news for more information about approaching naval forces content and testing sessions. Until the next time!

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War Thunder – Beaufighter "Chaos on the deck"


Jeff Holmlund: Bo fighter :)

HappyMiner43: mhmm :)

The _0racle97: fail montage clip lol

EarthlyOdin: +ShadowSutekh It could always be worse, i'm not sure how but it could be.

Jwnorton: +The _0racle97Shadow – those B-fighters do turn like a thrown brick… fecal matter occurs…

MrFsxgeek: Bo is really good with the Bo-fighter, eh?\n\nI'll show myself out?

Max Mellroth: Those cannons sound SO nice

Marcel Ebert: These german teams at low tiers… group facepalm

Nolan Green: Moments before collision. "We're flying beaufighter's, common sense doesn't apply here" lmao

Broden Bowers: "BF3 inspired sun" Bo, I love you even more.