War thunder formally releases today after 3 years in beta

War Thunder is finally from beta using the discharge of update 1.65 which adds new locations and game mechanics, Gaijin Entertainment announced today. The The Second World War-inspired MMO combat game have been in open beta since August. 15, 2013.

Update 1.65, nicknamed “Way from the Samurai,” is billed like a major update towards the game with two new locations, 38th Parallel and Abandoned Factory, along with a fully-modeled 3D cockpit way of all aircraft. Another major addition gives hydropneumatic suspension to tanks that may support it, meaning the tank can change the position of its hull in any direction and lower its height. You should check out the entire changelog for that update here.

Gaijin Entertainment started development on War Thunder in 2009, and launched into open beta at the begining of 2013 following a couple of closed beta tests. The disposable to experience game is available for PC, Mac, Linux, and supports mix-platform have fun with the Ps 4.

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Resourse: http://twinfinite.internet/2016/12/war-thunder-releases-three-years-beta/

War Thunder – 'World War' Trailer


DarkHunterTR: year : 2016\nwe cannot play world war yet

Muddy Fudger: It's been in "Closed Beta Testing" T H I S E N T I R E T I M E

IvtI Gamer: http://warthunder.com/en/news/4830-development-world-war-start-of-the-closed-beta-

Samuel Mangitung: The Half life 3 of War thunder

Hey There: lol it's ok now. It's available to squadrons.

Victor Castro Monterrosa: Samuel Mangitung I

richie thach: if we could only play war thunder as infantry.

Hey There: Maxios Aimbé well it depends on how many tanks, planes, and how much infantry you send.

Psytrux: It's year 2138. They finally released it… It's ok I guess…

Capt.Motty: SspiTyY We were just playing around my guy. Lol.