Dan bull – realm of tanks lyrics

Dan bull – realm of tanks lyrics smithereens jauntily    

Pull up


I am driving a titan with no licence

These mean monsters can start like five tons

It is a cypher unlike any other

Tough mudder got you frightened

You are no object

If you claim you are heavyweight like Tyson

Nah, sure, now allow me to convince you

BYE Boy, disappear

Since i let them know, k ho?

And remain in focus

Or you’ll face a plague of locusts

Crusading over your terrain ’til you are go beyond

The rain is soaking us making progress slow like a turtle

Time for you to revise on which our courses trained us

You are in harmful waters

Contact a priest, it’s really urgent

Observe a design emerging

And discover the lesson Kaiser Franz Ferdinand did not learn

I am a hellcat, a mashup of the panther

And Samuel L Jackson in shaft having a birch gun

I am the real thing though, not only a nice actor

Typecast to plough in the ground

Like tractors


Tanks are big!

Big are tanks!

Do you want an ordinary sized vehicle?

No thanks!


I am a tiger you are a mouse

All in my grill

Therefore if you won’t want to be wiped out

Then you definitely best escape

I drive a wespe

You ride a vespa

When i say to you to become my valentine

You reply "Yes Mister!"

I bet that you simply can’t even invent a pun for hetzer

Well nor can however i don’t care

Cause i’m still the very best at realm of tanks

And it goes without saying, i am certain, man

Whether you are a yank

Jap, Chinese, frog, russian or german

I am churchill meets cromwell

Having a dash of wolverine

Smash and pulverise you into smithereens jauntily

Pull up, have a cheery demeanour

Stick to the covenant

I’m a leopard, you are a cheetah

With no cunning

I’ma hun a lullaby, released your lights

You are at a complete loss, boy

You are an alpha prototype

I’m the GOTY, uh uh!

I acquired more ram too

Utilize it to ram you

You dick, i at their maximum my contraption can perform

You are stuart little

I am bigger, i am better, i am harder too

You are cruising for any bruising, sport

There is nothing your side can perform

My team are bishops

Yours are weedy vicards

I am a combat cardinal conquering comet

Aw bless, you peed your knickers


Tanks are big!

Big are tanks!

Do you want an ordinary sized vehicle?

No thanks!

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Vladimir Putin: "Tanks… are… big……… big… are… tanks…"\n\nI felt so fucking embarrassed listening to this around people, that is the most retarded piece of lyrics I have ever heard…

Thêx BãdÃñgêl: EasyBakeOrphan check out jt machina's world of tank rap much better

Vladimir Lenin: Vladimir Putin hello putin, glad to see russia is still a superpower

LeEpicKing: Ok then I'll have a go at it,\n1.Object\n2.Bye Son (Bison)\n3.K Ho\n4.Locust \n5.Crusader\n6.Tortoise\n7.(M7) Priest \n8.Pattern (Patton)\n9.Ferdinand\n10.Hellcat\n11.Panther\n12.Jackson\n13.Birch Gun\n14.Tiger\n15.Mouse (Maus)\n16.Grill (Grille)\n17.Wespe\n19.Valentine\n20.Hetzer\n21.Churchill\n22.Cromwell\n23.Wolverine\n24.Covenant \n25.Leopard\n26.Prototype \n27.Ram II\n28.Dick, I maxed out (Dicker Max)\n29.Bishop\n30.Comet\nAll of these in order from the beginning of the song to the end, Nice word play :D

Sharans Gaming: Stuart (1:52)

Toh Kai Xiang: LeEpicKing he also said combat car: T7 combat car

UndeadTurning: The chorus was just so… bad. No. It was terrible. Honestly, with some of your other raps, I'd have a really hard time believing you came up with something so uncreative, and unwitty. Loud music, quiet impact.\n\nInb4 child tells me to make my own rap!

Breñan Neiderman: i know right undeadturning JTMachinima's was way better

Samantha Chelminski: it is okayyy but not as good as tanki online 😛 the graphics in world of tanks are better usually not as laggy as tanki online but tanki online is much better more tanks to choose mant different paints and you dont spot people you look at anyone in sight and attack them unless you dont want to :P

OneNot: It's sad that Dan seems to be favoring stupider and stupider choruses, when I know what a genius writer he CAN be.\nHell even this song is full of really smart lines, but the stupid chorus kind of ruin this song IMO…\n\nDon't get me wrong this isn't bad, I just would have excepted more from a genius like Dan :P