Realm of tanks – download

Realm of tanks - download beginners are experiencing when

Realm of Tanks is really a massively multi-player online role playing game (Mmog). Buy and collect and develop tanks, then bring them into battles in European environments.

Capture the tank

The fundamental game is really a capture the flag fight, between two groups of tanks. Realm of Tanks has six classes of tank, from Light to Heavy and Destroyer tanks in the USSR, Germany and also the USA. Getting involved in battles earns you have, which you’ll invest in research to enhance your tanks and obtain brand new ones.

Short, addictive battles

Whenever you enter a fight, you will see a variety of tanks in the game. An enormous amount of Tanks game lasts fifteen minutes, unless of course one for reds wins before that. Your game can last as lengthy while you survive – there’s no re-spawning in Realm of Tanks. In case your tank is destroyed, you are able to leave the sport and enter another having a different tank. You still gain xp. This can help to relieve the frustration that beginners are experiencing when being inflated by bigger, more knowledgeable tanks!

Serious game

Realm of Tanks is advisable, and typically it’s done perfectly. However, the sport is extremely dry and heavy, and also the interface is very intimidating to start with. Battles are enjoyable, but playing against much more powerful players could be annoying.


With a few time investment, Realm of Tanks could be an enjoyable experience. Hopefully that prior to the final release the sport is created readily available to newcomers

What’s new

-Enhanced graphics for maps, objects and vehicles with HD textures

-New game mode: historic battles


The Greatest Carry Ever in World of Tanks


Dewayne Riddle: as the commander of EXDEV, I would like to apologize for the representation of our clan. he has been dealt with and been removed from the clan. we do not play that way or condone that behavior.

Lucky Bull: You realise this game is a real thing for somebody right? I know people who spended more than 10000 pounds in this game… So if you dont like the ”hurr-durr bullshit” fuck off

El Rambo: IRazRI is the total MVP trying to protect that WZ from the douche Obj. 704 (there are a lot of words I would call him, but don't want a ban), even took a shot for the guy and then carried that game like a total boss! These are the legendary replays people enjoy to watch, not the ones with a Maus or a Type 5 spamming gold… And as a player at the NA region, I'll make sure to report that asshat Obj. 704 for a whole week

Bennett Ebertz: El Rambo that Obj 704 is/was from my clan EXDEV, he has since been removed for said clan and banned from our TS.

Miki Stenbeck: had a game once in the LT VZ, 38/35 on Elernberg* in Attack Mode were a Panzer 4 D went into the town with me as backup….. WE NEED MORE PLAYERS LIKE THAT GUY AND RAZOR!

AlphaxAlex: Anyone else remember when QB gave gold to people who got on his channel?

Chris Go: He is too busy buying his own now days.

The Braken: Hey Qb bring that series back! also miss the heartbreaks!

Bryan Li: I feel really bad for the WZ-111 1-4. They were working so so well together.\n\nPress F to pay respects.

Alpha Killer: Bryan Li FU\nSrry. Typo 😂