Realm of tanks streamer dies during 24-hour twitch marathon

Twitch streamer John Vigneault, also known as Poshybrid, has died throughout a 24-hour Realm of Tanks marathon. Based on eyewitnesses, Vigneault left his desk around 3:30am on Feb 19, throughout the 22nd hour from the stream, and did not return.

The 35-year-old father was streaming to boost money for that Make-A-Wish foundation. While viewers and moderators had assumed Vigneault was asleep, a buddy later tried to contact the streamer via Discord, simply to get a response from the Virginia Beach detective counseling he’d died, which the dying had been investigated. Kotaku confirmed the analysis using the Virginia Beach police department. “There isn’t any reason at the moment to suspect foul play,” a police spokesperson told Polygon.

It’s unclear whether Vigneault’s dying is a result of the streaming marathon, however the phenomenon continues to be under scrutiny because of its potential health impacts.

Vigneault’s gaming clan FAME published an announcement on its Facebook page today in tribute towards the Twitch personality. "…we simply can’t find words to explain how sad is that this moment for people and without a doubt farmville won’t be exactly the same with no legend," it reads. "Most likely the saddest lines can’t be written, and also the saddest ideas can’t be uttered."

The streamer’s Twitch funnel is becoming an impromptu spot for tributes to Vigneault.


Twitch Streamer Dies During 24-Hour Charity Stream – Breaking News


chirpthe12: I know and grew up with Brian. I am in contact with the mother of his children and working on contacting the person that set up a GoFundMe account to make sure they get the funds to the proper place

Ciaran: God rest his soul <3

Smasher: I'll note if i become a popular streamer to only go up to 12 hours… #RestInPeace😢👼

jeffrey mcfadden: rest in peace, my friend.

nervytic: He was a drug addict too. He could've possibly overdosed. Still sad though my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and kids.

Redd Foxx: RIP. I will try out the World of Tanks game in your memory. If your family member or friends are reading this, I sorry for your loss.

Caiden Hickey: i was his bigest fan

WhatsUpBross: Really, its sad for the person but im 100% sure the 24h steam was not the cause. he obviously had health problems theres no way to die for not sleeping in 1 day. there have been times that me and 4 of my friends did not sleep for almost 2 days 35h and nothing happened to us. im not saying that losing your sleep is a good thing just saying it was not the cause of hes death for sure.

Daniel Geeves: Good job on reporting the video, but you are a shitty person if put an ad on it, have some decency please, so sad seriously…

Funky Munky: Why is nobody making the connection to energy drinks?