Rx 480 driver crash realm of tanks

Rx 480 driver crash realm of tanks The performance



(First: Sorry if my british isn’t perfectly, Im from Germany)


While playing Realm of Tanks, the AMD Graphicsdriver from my RX480 crashes while playing the sport.

Sometimes directly within the first round, sometimers after a longer period.

My old NVIDIA Card do not have these complaints and i believe other AMD Cards too.

This appears to become a problem for RX 480 Users. (Our RX480 Buddies possess the problem too)


The only method to "fix" it for that User would be to start the sport with SD Textures as well as in the "Secure mode".

Then your game runs with Direct X9 and never Direct X11. The performance will get a great deal lower,

but after hrs of playing, the sport dont freeze any longer.


Do someone here have a similar problems?



The German Language:


Beim spielen von Realm of Tanks stürzt nach einer unbestimmten Zeit jedes mal der AMD Anzeigetreiber ab.

Meine alte NVIDIA Karte hatte dieses Problem nicht und im Internet habe ich auch nur RX 480 User durch diesem Problem gefunden.

Alle RX480 User meines Freundeskreises haben dieses Problem ebenfalls.


Der einzige Weg für living room User dieses Problem zu "beheben" ist das Spiel im abgesicherten Modus durch SD Texturen zu spielen.

Dabei wird das Game in Direct X9 statt 11 gestartet und läuft dann zwar durch deutlich weniger FPS aber es stürzt nicht mehr ab.


Hat hier jemand ebenfalls diese Probleme?


~ Marcel

Rx 480 driver crash realm of tanks from my RX480 crashesResourse: https://community.amd.com/thread/
Rx 480 driver crash realm of tanks RX 480 User durch diesem

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Michele Gurrado: I've returned an asus strix rx480 oc edition beocuse of gray screens while gaming. No matter what power profile i selected. If the replacement will have the same problem, i'll buy an nvidia card.

Boomerang Grenade: I would bite the bullet and get a Nvidia 1060 or 1050 TI if you are on a budget, and once you get your replacement AMD card get it on eBay.

Michele Gurrado: My rx480 i still running stable. I'm keeping it @ 1400/2100Mhz for core/ram with standard voltages. No problems at all. Maybe that your problems are due to defective unit.

v3ltrucci: sorry to say but it did not fix anything for me (rx 480 with 12.16.1)

v3ltrucci: uninstalled all drivers, installed the minimum 12.16.1 and after that all the missing part up to full drivers and works like a charm now

Boomerang Grenade: Glad for you, Merry Christmas and all that :)

Pigeon Pete: Hi mate\n\nReally good video and my setup is almost the same as yours. But sorry to say your fix never worked for me,my games are still crashing. I did read somewhere that if you underclock the card it works. Have you tried that ?

GameGeakte™: What exact settings?

Haynesss: @Pigeon Pete could you please tell me the picture you saw cause I got the same exact problem and AMD crashes when the game crashes please, I need your help.

bao teo: RX 470 here same issue and then i try to turn down Power Frequency to -7.5% and it's work like a charm right now