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Steam community :: realm of tanks blitz in-game

  • Bug in which the seem of Engine Power Boost/Adrenaline termination performed sooner than the consumables consumed
  • Bug where Clan Supply discounts on equipment displayed incorrectly
  • Bug where all reserve players received a problem for missing a competitive sport fight along with a deduction of points using their Military Recognition in situation of the technical victory
  • Bug where the wrong quantity of in-game currency accrued for mission completion
  • Bug in which a window notifying of just one day’s Premium Account accrual displayed upon using certificates for many hrs of Premium Account
  • Bug where purchase/purchase buttons from previous screens continued to be active when switching between provision/consumable/ammunition home windows
  • Bug in which a notification of compensation not displayed upon a stage’s completion for players that curently have the automobile
  • Bug in which a lately purchased vehicle was proven within the Platoon window rather from the selected vehicle
  • Bug in which the spectator receiving in-game currencies after tournament battles
  • Bug in which a player lacking the necessary Gold navigated towards the first Store screen rather from the Gold tab
  • Bug in which the progress of apparatus use displayed over the enemy/allied vehicles without thought on the equipment’s effect
  • Bug where consumable and provision controls continued to be active after pressing “Ready!” throughout a Platoon game
  • Player outlines and markers fixed for that first person view
  • Display of direction markers around the minimap fixed for spectators
  • Reworked game description and notification text
  • Various screens reworked
  • General bugs and client crashes fixed




Muhammad Qasim Dilawari: can u make a video on how to use pike noses .I am having trouble using the is5 because of that reason while my t54 mod 1 is great as i can create autobounce angles more consistently

mohammed haddad: i have it bro and i play it in random and i know grille what can pen and cant

John C: Bully Bully Bully and Wiggle

Dr FreezeYou: You promised no more IS4 for awhile :(

Bushka On Blitz: Have destroyed all is4. Vids. Is 🙂 wasn't really about the tank though!

Sergio González Torres: Wait, sidescraping is a dirty secret? Then my KV5 can't play clean :/

Bushka On Blitz: Win dirty!

Sergio González Torres: "They see me rollin\nThey hating\nCause they wanna catch me riding dirty" XD

Adrien Cezar Conte: I luv that laugh \nHAHA… HAAA….

Kv-2-2-2: The legends said if youre early bushka will reply