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Black Desert Online – Ultimate Beginners Guide


MMOByte: "It's probably a good idea to spend some time making something you're happy with"\n\nspends the next 24 hours in character creation – FINALLY, DONE! gets in-game – OH GOD IT'S SO BAD! Time to start over!

bmann78: MMOByte I had the opposite reaction. in CC i maxed out my girls butt and was less then impressed… but in game i was like oh shit she got a fat booty ;)

Lap Todarf: That is me in every game

reptilesgamers00: Job interview\nEmployer: "So tell me about yourself."\nLazyPeon: "22:1523:00 *listen without watching the video*"\nEmployer: "You.., You have 69 workers that make you 10-15 mil per day?..?"\nLaszyPeon: "Ahh yeah roughly 10-15 million"

Sarcasm: +Fujoshi Potato \nMore like:\nEmployer; …are you hiring?

Ellioux: LOL Yes

theMarkwithamouth: I'm so thankful I subbed to you. This is yet the most detailed beginner's guide I've seen so far. Very well-organized as well. I'm level 20 and I'm still so lost till I found this gem today.

TheLazyPeon: Good luck!

Albert Pavliukovic: Black Desert is overwhelming? EVE Online says "that's cute".

Sarcasm: It's not so much the fact that any one thing is so overwhelming a new player can't do it – it's that the sensation of being overwhelmed is there, if and when you are infact new and simply do not know from experience what "one route" to take. \n\nI would've thought this is completely obvious to anyone, but to players who have played this and other MMO's before, it no longer seems to be obvious. \n\nSo, glad to see that me, an MMO noob (never played an MMO before) have a better grasp on at least one thing, than pro players. ;)