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Using The Worldwide Group Stage just eleven days away, you’re ready to unveil a lot of the talent, schedule, and occasions surrounding from the greatest tournament of the season.

Tournament News
You’ll find the Casters with this year’s event—featuring lengthy-time favorites like Kaci along with a new host in Sean "Day9" Plott—through the dashboard or perhaps in the Talent portion of the Compendium. We have also launched the state tournament website[] today, and also the full schedule and format are listed below:

  • Group Stage: August second – August fifth, 2017 – Two best-of-two categories of nine teams. Top four teams in every group advance to Upper Bracket, four – eight advance to reduce Bracket, bottom in every group is eliminated.
  • Primary Event: August seventh – August twelfth, 2017 – Like this past year, 16 teams fight via a best-of-three double elimination playoff. Lower bracket first round is better-of-one, Grand Finals would be best-of-five.

Newcomer Stream
When the event begins, you can assist any buddies wondering much more about Dota by delivering these to the Newcomer Stream, featuring the primary broadcast enhanced with contextual overlays that decision out information useful for comprehending the intricate realm of Dota throughout the most enjoyable duration of the competitive season.

There is nothing much better than experiencing the Worldwide with buddies. Although not every fan could make your way to San antonio to witness the tournament personally. To help individuals all over the world interact with one another for his or her own celebratory Dota occasions, we have once more partnered with Barcraft U . s . to facilitate Pubstomp administration. Just go to the Barcraft website landing page[] to locate a Pubstomp in your town.

The Worldwide 2017 Opening Reel
Every year, fans celebrate Dota together at tournaments as well as in gatherings all over the world. This season we want to include more facets of the world celebration in to the Opening Reel video that starts the tournament broadcast every day (take a look at last year’s video for reference). If you have taken video clip at past Valve occasions that you might want to determine incorporated within the Worldwide broadcast, please mind to the outlet Reel Guidelines[] page to submit your video for consideration. Every day from the event will feature different footage, and i will be accepting new submissions—including new footage out of this year—until August 11.

Fight Pass Season Extension
Players might have observed the Fight Pass Season was lately extended in the original finish date of August 20 to assist accommodate the delay in releasing Act I from the Siltbreaker campaign. While our initial extension is made understanding the delay would also modify the discharge of Act II, today we are extending the Fight Pass Season until Monday, September 18 to make sure players have enough time to benefit from the conclusion from the multi-player campaign once it releases soon after The Worldwide.


Cara Jual Beli Items Dota 2 di Steam Community


Batu Hitam: Bang Ganti Dari Dollar ke Rupiah Gimana..?

CollectoorFP Gaming: mas ballance wallet itu apa?

Aliv Pradipta: Bang nih saya ada problem , saya mau beli item Dota 2 di steam Ko gx Bisa wallet nya udah gw isi $2 aja, trus ada muncul tulisan ginih …makasih sbelom nya bang mohon bantuan nya.The Market is unavailable for the following reason(s):You must have a valid Steam purchase that is between 30 days and a year old with no recent chargebacks or payment disputes. To remove this restriction…Your account is limited. To remove this restriction…Your account must be protected by Steam Guard for at least 15 days. To remove this restriction.

syahrul hidayat: gimana cara nya

Exo Dark: Kudu beli yg harganya 5$ bisa dri in game dota bisa dari store(beli game lain) terus tunggu 30hari, bkn itu aja kudu aktifin steam mobile jg selama 15 hari

Miftaqul Ramadhan: bang , kalo caranya ngubah harganya jadi Rupiah Gimana ??\npunya ane masih USD , dll \ntrims

Akun Kerend: kk kok dota kami dak biso beli dari situ ado tolesan 15 days balas ya kk

Evan Hakim: Bang mau nanya nih, klo kita mau jual item di market tapi dalam bentuk bundle gmn caranya ya bang? makasih

BAJIMUN: bang,caranya jual set gimana?

Siti Marufah: bang kalo saya udah beli 5$nya nah tapi udah nunggu 30 hari juga tapi kok gk bisa ya,apa saya juga harus aktifin steam guardnya juga?