The layman’s help guide to dota 2, the worldwide version — sevencut

The layman's help guide to dota 2, the worldwide version — sevencut good selection

This covers the way in which DOTA 2 is usually performed.

Team Composition

Games of DOTA 2 could be lost prior to the actual playing even starts — a group must first select a good selection of heroes. Different heroes do various things well many are proficient at initiating fights, some buff and heal their allies, and a few just deal a lot of damage.

You will find generally 2 kinds of heroes: carries and supports.

  • Carries are weak early, but with many different gold and experience they become incredibly strong and “carry” they to victory. They are able to become so effective and thus difficult to kill that they’ll eliminate a whole enemy team alone.
  • Supports would be the opposite there is a large amount of natural power, however that power usually tapers off because the game drags on. Early hanging around their job would be to safeguard the carries and provide them enough space and safety to farm. Later they will use their abilities to assist carries win fights. Supports might have high damage spells, protective abilities, or disables like slows, stuns, and silences (commonly known as as crowd control).

Often a team uses a couple carries with three supports backing them up, though this could change based on a team’s strategy.

Draft Mode

In professional games of DOTA 2, teams alternate drafting heroes. This requires both picking heroes for his or her own team and banning heroes from getting used within the match. Teams pick their heroes around a method, like pushing towers rapidly or ganking enemy carries, whilst banning heroes from play that may counter that strategy. Some heroes are banned in nearly every game simply because they could be a discomfort to experience against.

The layman's help guide to dota 2, the worldwide version — sevencut in nearly every gameResourse:

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