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1 × 4
Slow 2 Hit Weapon

Base Stats


These values are inaccurate if:

  • the product is purchased in an NPC selling for additionalOrunder the item’s base value.
  • the product is enchanted or upgraded having a repair cost multiplier.Repairs100










90% = 426 G
93% = 1,545 G
95% = 3,571 G
96% = 4,903 G
97% = 6,875 G
98% = 8,847 G
100% = 17,375 G










2.3 sec

Upgrade/Jewel UpgradeUpgrade100








Value, in Gold, this item may be worth to NPCs.
Doesn’t always mean it may be offered to NPCs.
This value is inaccurate if:

  • the sturdiness from the item is gloomier compared to base maximum durability.
  • the product is purchased in an NPC selling for additionalOrunder the item’s base value.
  • the product includes a defined Cost_Sell, but is came by a monster,
    by which situation it’ll cost the Cost_Buy adjusted through the NPC Value formula.NPC Value100
BuyPrice: 60000 G
SellPrice: – G
Predicted SellPrice: 6,000 G6,000 G100

Dual WieldDual W.100


Special UpgradeSp. Up.100


Splash RadiusS. Radius100


Splash PositionS. Position100


Splash DamageS. Damage100


Stamina per Melee SwingSP/Swing100


Kinds of enchants the item qualifies for.Enchant Types100

/ Two-handed Weapon / Sword / Metal / Piercing /

Additional Information

  • Giants may equip this weapon plus a shield.
  • Includes a default Piercing Degree of 1.
  • Possess blunt-like animations instead of sword ones.
  • When Sheep or Alpaca Shearing, Blacksmithing animation and seem can be used.


Thoughts on Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword….I think I'll pass on this one


Werewolz: This video confused me. Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword was a card in the anime that is now being released in DOL2. Why does Cap G keep referring to it as Red-Eyes Support. Sure, It technically is because of it's name, but you can't put this card in the same class as Black Stone of Legend or Red-Eyes Flare Black Flare Dragon. This card is a Hermos fusion, and therefore is in the same class as Amulet Dragon and Mirror Force Dragon. I get the feeling Cap G didn't watch the original anime because if he did, he would've understood the context of this card. As someone who does understand the context of this card, watching this video was kinda awkward.

Dexx the Duck: +kai magnus\nAlloy of Justice Catastor doesn't require Ally of Justice monsters to summon it. How should I break the news to it that it's not a part of the archetype? It might be a little hurt.\n And you don't seem to understand what anti-support is. Anti-support cards is a card that specifically works against the archetype. If it meshes with the archetype, it's not anti-support. Dragon Sword increases ATK. Of course that can work against the Red-Eyes player, because it's basic ATK manipulation.\n\nThe anime lore and all that really doesn't matter. At all. You get a little history on it and maybe some kind of nostalgia, but it has nothing to do with the card here.

kai magnus: +Dexx King and this card has nothing to do with Red Eyes. See you summed up your own argument. I predate Archetypes in this game back when the "Metta Game" consisted of Beat down vs Stall vs Burn. A Speed Deck was a Beat down Burn combo where as Control was a Stall burn combo. You young players are the main reason I retired.

Bo Pons: I love the content MegaCapital G, but don't comment on fan-service anime cards of the anime you admit you didn't watch. e.g.  It looks like a spear.. its a sword in the anime.  e.g. 2, It should be a machine… it was transformed from REBD.  It makes more sense if you actually watched the anime

YuseiTheSynchroHero: The fact that it HAS to equip itself to something when it's Special Summoned is the main issue I have with it. Now, I THINK what happens is that if there aren't any other monsters on the field, the equipping effect will attempt to activate but then would fizzle out because there are no other monsters on the field to target it with. It would be similar to how Scrap Dragon would work. When Scrap Dragon is destroyed, you target a Scrap monster (except a "Synchro" Scrap monster) and Special Summon it. If you're playing a non-Scrap deck, the effect would fizzle out (even though this effect has a mandatory activation).\n\nAnyways, with THAT being said: I think it's a nice piece of nostalgia for those who loved the Orichalos saga. Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword being a Dragon wouldn't "logically" make sense when you look at it but considering that Red-Eyes B. Dragon was originally used as the material to make it, I'm not surprised whatsoever. I think it's neat if you use this along with Black Dragon Archfiend. You'll give him 1000 ATK + 500 more for each Dragon in play. In the Red-Eyes.dek mirror match, I can see this being a VERY silly card to play with. X] Especially because you can punch for a LOT of Battle Damage plus that burn damage he has, also.

killu2later: +CreagDog2 well the red-eyes deck now utilize the grave to an extent so that is not so much as using 2 rather that using 1 and setting up for later. Eh shouldn't go into red eyes deck though, they already have a great amount of support to get a working build

Jaricko: Only real flaw with the card is the one you mentioned. You cannot play it if your opponent has stuff out and you do not because you are forced to equip it to the opponent. All the same though, depending on the deck you put it in, it does have potential.

Haruhi 187: well you can see the silhouette of red eyes on the card

CodyTwoHottie: +Haruhi 187 I love that Doujin ;)

Corsair Joshua: There's so many Red-Eyes cards haha. I doubt that you can fit it all in one deck. I don't think I'll be bothering with Claw of Hermos. Just seems like a cloggy system.