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Dragon dark night british - головна Every single day at 00

[online reward]

1. By playing during two hrs daily you will get two tries of drawing a prize from the card.
2. Should you spend all tries you’re going to get an arbitrary prize, totally 14 prizes. By playing 2 hrs each day throughout the occasions week you might gain all 14 prizes.

[7days first recharge]

1. In case your daily recharge has ended 200 balens you might activate event "seven daysInch and obtain the prize. When you get the prize a next target recharge opens up and thus will the particular prize.
2. Should you achieve all of the "seven daysInch targets you will get a 200 balens bonus prize.
3. "seven daysInch prizes reset daily, every single day you can start on your own.

[recharge and rebate]

1. In this event you can find a prize by finishing the daily task.
2. The greater recharges you need to do the greater prizes you receive.
3. Every single day at 00:00 the recharge count and also the prizes count is reset. Make sure you claim your prizes daily!

[Special shop]

1. In this event you can buy various precious goods having a lucrative discount.

[Recharge ranking]

1. Should you recharge over 3000 balens in this event you will get a prize.
2. All players who recharge over 3000 balens can take part in leader board "recharges/super-charges". The mix-server board refreshes every half an hour, the neighborhood server refreshes permanently.
3. Daily at 23:58 the best choice board summarize.
4. Daily at 00:00 the prize is distributed via game mail. Top 500 mix-server players and top ten local server players obtain the prizes.
5. Players can look into the leader board of the present and former days for that mix-server and also the local server.

Dragon dark night british - головна Should you achieve all ofResourse: https://facebook.com/playdragonknight/
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Lord Of Gaming: Is it the same map where you unlocked the D Wizard?

tomzi65: GamingWith King i

Kiwa Wow: Lord Of Gaming no its not, you can find the Dragon Wizzard with the original dragon :)

Im Just Noel: ugh i can't even get the wizard cus i can't find the first spooky girl quest, i think i already did that quest but not shure because i already got her

Im Just Noel: +Gooblah redneck k ill try that

Lisa conley: Im Just Noe

Gamingforlife 17: What size world did you make

Devon Newson: wut is the seed

Deadly Gamer_M: Do u need the same eggs as the dragons to unlock one, for example Night Dragon Egg: Show up Night Dragon

Xandur: no