Kamen rider: dragon dark night – 2world 1hearts

Kamen rider: dragon dark night - 2world 1hearts Riders for help

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Kamen Rider: Dragon Dark night – 2WORLD 1HEARTS (カメンライダー ドラゴンナイト 2ワールド 1ハーツ, Kamen Raidā Doragon Naito 2 Wārudo 1 Hātsu) may be the novel that functions as follow up towards the tv series, Kamen Rider: Dragon Dark night with all of 13 Riders coming back.

This novel compiled by Mano Katsunari, that is his first novel. Katsunari a large fan of Ishinomori, especially Kamen Rider and Cyborg 009.

The novel includes paper crafts from the Advent Decks, interviews concerning the series winning an Emmy, being recognized by Japanese fans, discusses being it a Kamen Rider Ryuki remake, being it four seasons lengthy, its movie quality action also it being an element of the Kamen Rider Boom.[1]

Kamen rider: dragon dark night - 2world 1hearts Riders for help, No-Men


Twelve months has transpired following the grapple with Xaviax, and contains been made the decision to perform a celebration party. Package Taylor was asked to Ventara, but unsuccessful in the future because of his Kamen Rider’s stuff and requested his father, Frank Taylor, to become his representative.

Package began to note that outcomes of Ventara and Earth is damaged and situation is becoming much worse. Remains of Xaviax’s army began hunting humans to be able to revive the main power.

Knowning that he can’t call Ventara’s Riders for help, No-Men and Colonel David Stuart choose to gather Kamen Riders of Earth to fight Xaviax’s forced once more. But they do not know that enemy whose power exceeds Xaviax, is booming up…



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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight 24 Dark Temptation


Jay Town: Dragon vs Onyx a badass fight!

Alexa Ng: Kit's reflection is Onyx just like Shinichi as Dark Shinji.

Jay Town: Power struggle between Wing and Dragon.

oscar moraga: +Alexa Ng Onyx was just a deck the advent master created but was never given to any rider, but was a reflection of dragon self

Braulio Hernandez: oscar moraga where did you find out this

Rodimus Rider: Xaviax is proberbly one of my favourite villians ever I like how devil like he is in the recruitment of the Riders even Kit's got no choice now

Alexa Ng: I think Xaviax tricks Kit like the time he tricked Adam from the past! XO

Spidey Viewer: "Worked up over nothing"!?\nUh, Kase, did you forget you basically told him he wasn't a real Kamen Rider? And that you acted like a donkey to him?

Xander Of Nohr: yeah she basically immasculated him

Neo-Xgray87: Don't do it Kit!!! Don't you dare do it!!!! He's trying to double-cross you, man!!!! It's how he tricked Adam to betray the riders of Ventara!!!! Don't do it!!!!