The dragon knights project

The dragon knights project say her mother was Cesia



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Interesting work!

Going through your present notes, i believe i’ve the gist of the items happened that made Rath disguise themself as Grinfish. Seren is could be the Star Princess’s real name. Based on Cesia, Seren declined a bodyguard in the castle, but Rath is really worried (because first Natasu left, now Seren? Lmao. Cesia states that since both children are gone, she understood Rath isn’t just going in which to stay the castle all worried.) so Rath is pretending to become their own reliable mercenary (or non-Dragon Tribe dark night, anyway). Viseraut states Rath is simply as being a stupid parent, though lmao.

I&hellip.have no idea if Ohkami-sensei had this planned all along or maybe it’s a significant retcon xD Thinking about a couple of points (since i immediately opened up volume 12 to see Kaistern’s dying&helliplmfao):

  • Most of us thought the Star Princess looked a fucking lot like Cesia.
  • Star Princess stated the Wind Staff was produced by her mother, although the one she gave Cesia is definitely an imperfect copy which should suffice to bring back Rath (although the holy dragon eye completed it, basically recall). Let’s say her mother was Cesia herself?
  • I think Star Princess told Cesia or Kaistern she isn’t of time? I’ll may need to look back lmao.

Like, im still leaning on BIG FUCJING RETCON but&’s a really convenient one. Lmao.

Yes, To be sure that Seren will probably be the Paradise’s Star Princess (The number of years later so we finally possess a reputation for this lady!?!?), especially because it mentions her likely to Arinas, but simply in situation, I wish to try to make sure this data first. I understand there was already some Grinfish flashback together with her, and so i’ll browse a little and find out basically will find more information.

STILL THO. I’m just thinking to that certain scene in which the Paradise’s Star Princess cries for Rath and Grinfish thinks about the problem “I cannot let her know what’s in the future, it’ll break her heart” or whatever. And at that time I believed it had been simply because they were in the future to ensure that’s why he understood what went down. But on the other hand, isn’t it weird that Grinfish would know, however the Paradise’s Star Princess wouldn’t?? But when Grinfish was really Rath, watching their own past engage in, it can make much more sense. The Dragon Tribe is really mysterious towards the outdoors world, I’m sure Rath’s pre-Dragon Lord adventures and demon origins weren’t exactly published understanding.

The part about one child getting already left is puzzling in my experience though. I don’t think this means Natasu, since he’s Raseleane and Lykouleon’s boy. However in the beginning, it did state that the present Dragon royalty had three kids, so&hellip Kaarail, Seren, and ????

I gotta return to this, each one of these unsolved mysteries possibly becoming solved are killing me.

The dragon knights project she understood Rath isnResourse:
The dragon knights project mysterious towards the outdoors world

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