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Killing Baron in Doom bots.


Mario Kovacevic: big thanks to kurcinaaaaaa hahaha :D

Sooo Kawaii: balkanci razumiju

Damood: Hey guys. First of all, big thanks to xArow for recording this because replays do not work for this gamemode.\nI know you did not see the part where Blitzcrank pulls teemo. Sorry for that.\n\nThis took us many tries to pull off, but we barely managed to do it.\n\nThe rendering was really a pain in the ass though because I had to render it in 8 different parts so my PC won't crash. No worries though, as im getting a new one in just 2 days.\n\nTell me what you think of this idea because I really think it's Crazy!!! Have a nice day everyone!

Arow: Do not blame dawoodPC!!!


Damood: For those of you who wanted to see the Teemo hooks:

David Noreika: NA baron throws :/

Four4: the fuck did i actually watch?

Ghyslaine: Vandiril's lost twin! You should do a collab!

Vandiril: We actually somewhat did a collab earlier on :)