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Lol is serious business. It’s not only probably the most high-earning Esports around, it rolls in huge amount of money from amateur players, too, by using it garnering an impressive 12 million active daily players. However, many people take LoL a tad too seriously, as evidenced with a player in Lanzhou, China.

It’s common in China for gamers to satisfy in an online café, by using it as being a cheaper option to constructing your personal gaming PC and frequently supplying greater internet speeds than they’d reach home. However, one major disadvantage to doing this is the fact that individuals moments of loads of rage you sometimes feel when playing an aggressive game take presctiption display for that public to determine, with one particularly angry guy finding this the painfully costly way.

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As revealed in photos shared on Chinese social networking, a person inside a ‘net café in Lanzhou grew to become infuriated when certainly one of his teammates caused his ranking to decrease. Thinking about that players dedicate numerous hrs to improving their rank, it was a really problem towards the player, who inside a fit of rage then began to headbutt his monitor. Yep, that is correct.


The unnamed player, annoyed that his teammates had lagged behind and caused him to get rid of four games consecutively, apparently began to convey his frustration by shoving his mind through the middle of laptop computer monitor. After doing this the player’s mind then grew to become stuck, forcing him to hold around together with his mind lodged within the widescreen display until staff people provided him with a few assistance.


Based on bystanders, the gamer was rushed to hospital and it was treated for many wounds he’d inflicted because of charging in the monitor just like a rhinoceros. As you’d imagine, the web café was made to spend for any new monitor, though you’d imagine it had become compensated for the wallet from the angry player.

Apparently the gamer has become fine, though you might suppose when confronted with conflict later on he’ll use his mind rather less.

(H/T ChinaPress)




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