2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo

On June eleventh, 2017, Microsoft held a press conference showcasing their approaching Xbox One X console as well as other 4k resolution games, including an update to Minecraft (proven below). Carrying out a screening from the Minecraft update trailer, the Microsoft presenter could be heard ethusiastically saying “Minecraft in 4k.”

Soon after, people started mocking the presentation for lauding 4k resolution in Minecraft, a game title unfamiliar because of its graphics abilities.[23][24] Also on June eleventh, Twitter user @QuackityHQ[26] published a photoshopped picture of the Grand Thievery Auto: San Andreas player inside a Minecraft atmosphere using the caption “Can’t watch for Minecraft in 4k” (proven below). Within the next four days, the tweet acquired over 3,000 likes and 1,000 retweets.

On June 14th, Redditor DaddyHugeLeg posted an image of the Minecraft block alongside a precise copy of itself using the caption “First leaked images showing the main difference between Minecraft and Minecraft 4k on Xbox One X” to /r/gaming[25] (proven below). On that day, Redditor Careabella posted a publish asking “What’s with the memes evaluating regular Minecraft to Minecraft in 4k?” to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[22] In 24 hrs, the posts collected up to 14,800 points (88% upvoted) and a pair of,300 points (87% upvoted) correspondingly.


The sport has witnessed overwhelmingly reviews that are positive from PC Gamer[1], Good Game[2], Gamasutra[3], and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.[4] The Smithsonian American Art Museum’s “The Art of Video Games”[5] exhibit opening on March 16th, 2012, is going to be displaying Minecraft among the 80 games which were selected for that exhibit.


Based on Wikipedia, Minecraft sales started to soar in September of 2010:

In September 2010, after an impromptu “free to play” weekend, the sport were built with a spike in sales well over 25,000 purchases in 24 hrs. On The month of january 12, 2011, Minecraft passed 1,000,000 purchases, under per month after reaching Beta. Simultaneously, the sport didn’t have writer backing and has not been commercially marketed except through person to person. By April 2011, Persson believed that Minecraft had made €23 million (US$33 million) in revenue, with 800,000 sales from the alpha form of the sport at €9.95, and also over a million sales from the beta version at €14.95. Around the eleventh of November, 2011 it had been says Minecraft had offered 4 million copies coupled with 16 million users [17].

Minecraft in Education

To celebrate the outlet of the Learning Commons in their library in October 2011, Old Dominion College in Norfolk, Virginia produced a precise replica in Minecraft.[14][15]

Additionally that month, an organization known as TeacherGaming LLC announced MinecraftEdu[16], a custom mod from the game built particularly for teachers to make use of within the classroom. Dealing with Mojang, they’ve guaranteed educational discounts around the game and arranged workshops for teachers to understand ways to use the game within their classroom. The work was spearheaded by New You are able to teacher Joel Levin[17] who runs a YouTube funnel[18] featuring Minecraft video lessons, which receives about 1700 views each day.


3D Pixel Architecture

Minecraft Pixel Art describes any two-dimensional artwork or three-dimensional sculpture produced with multi-colored blocks within the indie sandbox game. Effigies of gaming, cartoon and Internet meme figures are generally available on Minecraft pixel art servers.

Fan Art


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Virtual Engineering

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Let’s Play

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Mojang AB announced that MineCon, a convention for those Minecraft players, could be held around the 18th and 19th of November at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Vegas, Nevada. The state website[17] for event announced they could be celebrating the state launch from the game:

Celebrate the state launch of Minecraft together with your buddies from around the globe and also the Mojang Team. Prepare for an enjoyable weekend of all things Minecraft. The very first MineCon will certainly blow away all your expectations. Occur the great town of Vegas, we will be ready to possess the ultimate “block” party.

Minecraft Creeper

In Minecraft, a Creeper is really a hostile mob (mobile entity) character that sneaks on unsuspecting players, chasing them and hissing for any second . 5 before self-destructing.[1]


On This summer 26th, 2011, Notch published an update on the internet+[6] saying “The new mob I’ve been focusing on is creepy..” by having an attached Minecraft screenshot showing several creepy dark figures off within the distance. You may also visit a giant mushroom within the backround, which may are also available in the update.

Once the image was published to Reddit[4] within 24 hours, Notch responded towards the thread saying he’d be formally naming them “Endermen”, referencing the mythical Slenderman creature.

Inside a blog publish[5], Notch says the mob might have some interesting A.I. mechanics. Endermen was formally introduced included in the Minecraft 1.8 adventure update.

I made the Endermen freeze and switch in your direction whenever you take a look at them. As lengthy while you look straight their way, they stand perfectly still and appear straight to you. Once you close this article, they’ll run (extremely fast) in your direction.

Plus they teleport. If they’re too much off to achieve you inside a short time, they’ll teleport about once per second. They struggle to make certain they always teleport to somewhere you can observe, when i shouldn’t confuse the gamer in regards to what is going on.

Punching Trees Produce Wood

“Punching Trees Provides Me With Wood” is really a catchphrase which comes in the popular sandbox game Minecraft. Inside the fanbase, The saying “punching trees” continues to be generally utilized in mention of the playing the sport itself, as with “brb, gonna go punch sum wood.” Alternatively, it may be also construed like a double entendre, as with “playing Minecraft provides me with a tough-on.”


Herobrine, also referred to as “HIM”, is really a mysterious character from the Minecraft-themed creepypasta story. He’s portrayed like a non-player character in single-player Minecraft using the default skin and completely white-colored eyes.

Minecraft Guy

The Minecraft Guy is definitely an image macro series inspired through the indie sandbox game Minecraft. It provides a slightly skewed picture of the mind in the game’s default skin supported with a colorwheel background using patterns from various Minecraft blocks. The captions either describe humorous actions that the typical Minecraft player may perform or jokes concerning the game itself.


Creeparka (Japanese: クリーパーカー Kurīpākā) describes a hooded sweatshirt featuring the pixel-patterned skin of Creeper, the legendary mob character in the sandbox indie game Minecraft. Around the Japanese web, Creepyparka has acquired the status of the cult item one of the fans from the game, inspiring a number of moe and gijinka illustrations depicting an attractive female character referred to as “Creeparka-san” outfitted within the concept apparel.

Searches for “minecraft” saw a substantial increase around the same time frame because the “free to play” weekend of September 2010, that also marked a substantial rise in sales. By June 2011, searches still seem to be rising in volume.

Resourse: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/subcultures/



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