Obsolete motorists in neverwinter (16.10.2) with …

Obsolete motorists in neverwinter (16.10.2) with ... complete WHQL

Problem fixed!!


Recap: – Sooner or later throughout the AMD Driver Updates, NeverWinter Online would show a note that the video card motorists were obsolete and gratifaction was seriously degraded.



1. Uninstall AMD Driver Suite from user interfaceOrUn-install Programs.

2. Don’t reboot following the uninstall

3. Run the AMD Uninstall Cleaner utility (AMD Clean Uninstall Utility )

4. Reboot

5. Home windows 10 will think of a "Microsoft Fundamental Video Driver"

6. Run the "Settings/Updates" utility in Home windows 10 (Home windows Update)

7. Home windows will install a suitable AMD video driver for the card

8. Reboot


At that time I ran the sport acceptable for several hrs without any crashes.  Then i made the decision to test among the last known good WHQL downloads from AMD that was the 16.7.3 Driver set from This summer 28th 2016. (Search for Download previous motorists link).  I selected To not install the "Gaming Evolved" software after i installed the AMD 16.7.3 driver suite.


All things have been fine using the This summer 28th 2016 form of the entire WHQL 16.7.3 Driver Suite!! (I won’t upgrade again until a complete WHQL Driver Suite is released.)

Obsolete motorists in neverwinter (16.10.2) with ... was the 16Resourse: https://community.amd.com/thread/