Alien: isolation mothervr alpha mod available these days for download

For that immersive horror that Alien: Isolation offers, many fans were disappointed that it doesn’t start adding some virtual reality mode. Reddit user Nibre wanted the truth to become different, and that’s why he released a mod so that you can listen to it by doing this.

The MotherVR mod is extremely simple to install (you just copy a DLL hanging around folder) and when you need to do, you can witness the horror of attempting to flee the Xenomorph in VR. Obviously, bear in mind that it’s still a piece happening, so there are several issues that may modify the experience.

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Also, it’s important you will know the mod has some limitations. For instance, right now it is just suitable for Oculus Rift (CV1 and DK2), also it is only for traditional control methods just like an Xbox controller or mouse and keyboard. Additionally, it is made to be performed sitting down. Fortunately, its creator has already been trying to add additional features – support for HTC Vive is going ahead – and improve some facets of MotherVR.


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